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Re: What supplements to take to get the best results

Originally Posted by Eric Shuty View Post
It's a well known historical fact that every Viking could log clean and press 400lbs and commonly killed his enemies by shaming him to death over his pitiful squats. It's history folks, look it up. Coincidence? I think not.

Abraham Lincoln (the vampire slayer), Zeus, Odin, Chuck Norris, and ZZ Top. The scientific evidence in favor of beards cannot be denied. Join us or perish......

PS...notice the chest hair as well...yeah, I'm the total package, hahaha
What do we do if we are of Native American descent and thusly, unable to grow a quality beard?

I know there were some BA Indians, so there must be some kind of substitute that is at least somewhat comparable?

Note: Also unable to grow chest hair.
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