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Re: Creatine Question

Originally Posted by Nicholas DaSilva View Post
So I went through RTC in 2003. I can only hope PT has changed since then. Navy RTC is extremely....disappointing in terms of PT. I dont remember actually having any rough days in RTC. At the time it sucked simply because its a lot of head games but if you are on this board you most likely crossfit. If you crossfit I assume you are in decent to great, if not amazing, shape. Also, im pretty sure you love working out, which its safe to say we all do. RTC will be terribly frustrating for you for that fact. As for the Creatine..ill only echo Chris Mason, which im sure the name of this thread will tickle him into looking in it. Its more of a build-up effect with it where you have to take it every day to take away the ergogenic benefits. Once you stop, you dont necessarily "lose" your gains, although a small amount of loss may occur. But, once your done with RTC and go to "A" school you can start it back up but its gonna take a bit to build back up. ALSO...they will warn you like crazy against taking supplements at any "A" school and this is only to cover their asses because of hydration issues. I find most people are chronically under hydrated and so they will push that more than anything but at RTC you wont get a chance to supplement anyway. I do, for your sake, hope RTC has changed in terms of having harder PT or you will wish you had chosen the USMC before its over.

Whats your rate, by the way?

- Nick

Thanks for such a quick and informative post! So you're saying I SHOULD take it then? I'd love to hear from Chris. You're correct, I love working out and I'm sure RTC hasn't changed, by brother went through a year ago and said it was a cakewalk. Its a bummer but it will be nice to get my military discount at boxes! I also hope to get enough time to possibly join a box while in A-school.

I'm going to be a Corpsman! What is/was your rate?
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