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Sunday, February 19, 2006 - My Original GPP

For time:

Burpees x 30
Tire Jumps x 30
Backward Sled Drag 85lbs x 200 feet
Forward Sled Drag 85lbs x 200 feet
Sandbag Throws 25lbs x 10
Sandbag Walk 60lbs x 400 feet
Sledgehammer VS Tire x 60 strikes

Anthony (BW=180)
Time: 14:37

Cory (BW=235)
Time: 17:28

1. -30C / -22F
2. 50kmh winds
3. I haven't done outdoor GPP since last fall
4. I haven't done this particular routine for approx 1.5 years
5. I wasted 1:40 trying to tie the rope because I was wearing gloves
6. I still beat my best score by almost 2 minutes.

I'll post the video within the next few days.
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