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Saturday, February 18, 2006 - Crossfit WOD 060218

For time:

Run 400m
Thrusters, 95lbs x 21
Chinups x 30
Run 800m
Chinups x 30
Thrusters, 95lbs x 21
Run 400m

Anthony (BW=180)
Notes: subbed rowing
Time: 16:42

Jodi (BW=110)
Notes: 45lbs thrusters
Time: 20:33

Wow. I don't know what happened. Maybe it's the weather (-34C, winds hitting 80kmh, etc). Maybe I'm dehydrated. Maybe I'm just having a bad day? Either way, this knocked me on my ***. I gagged about 5-6 times as I was leaving the gym. Nothing came out, but not for lack of trying. I feel okay now. Great actually. But damn, this was a shock to the system.

The funny thing is, the entire time I was thinking about how slow I was going. Rowing was slow, thrusters were slow, chinups were broken and slow as hell. But despite all of the above, my time was pretty good. If I was having a good day, this WOD could be under 15 minutes.

A friend mentioned doing some outdoor GPP (sled, hammer, sandbag) tomorrow. The weather is scheduled to be the same. What's the saying? There's a fine line between hardcore and stupid, and I'm just the man to cross it.
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