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Re: What Training Programming Scheme does everyone use?

Originally Posted by Neal Broadbent View Post
Ok thanks guys currently googling for a outlaw template. come on his were all on the same team here, thanks for the help, everyone is entitled to their own opinions.
True but doesn't technique also account for lifting look at the 50kg ladies weighlifters???
Just adding my two pence
Yes, technique matters, but so does increased neuromuscular efficiency....those are the two factors that allow someone to get stronger while staying within a particular weight class.

Originally Posted by Neal Broadbent View Post
Thanks for everything guys!
I think I have completed my programming
It was more like when to train and fit it in I train 7 days a week no rest day (I know plenty will shake their head at this) but Ill stick with the 5-3-1 for another cycle, but change my days
I'm stoked on it, and hopefully I'll post some good results on this in the future.
Thanks again you have been awesome
Yes, plenty will shake their heads at training 7 days per week because training 7 days a week is a bad idea unless you're a professional athlete who has no responsibilities aside from training, eating, and sleeping.

Rest days are when your body recovers and comes back stronger. If you feel like you've hit a plateau at a deadlift 3RM of 140kg and a squat 3RM of 110kg, then it's very possible that lack of rest is largely to blame.
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