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Yes this is easy to do. If you look on the FAQ page of the Crossfit website there are some links to Zone information.

After going to FAQ, scroll down to #7 Nutrition, then go to 7.2. “How about a Zone block chart”?

This gives a great list to foods to shop for and how many ounces 1 block is. Using this block chart and the palm measuring method makes portioning your food a piece of cake but don’t eat the cake. Adjust it to your tastes and needs and it makes Zone eating pretty easy and simple.

Then in a little while if you wish one can dial it in even further with measuring and block counting. One easy way to tell if you have the total caloric intake correct is the mirror, how your clothes fit and the scale.

Remember no matter what type of eating program you are on, it is still calories eaten and calories (energy) expended. This holds true if you want to reduce of if you want to gain.
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