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Ralph R Mendoza
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Since the Los Angeles Times article came out last week, I have been very intrigued by Crossfit. As someone who has been very bored with my traditonal workout routine for a few years now ( cardio days, upper body days, lower body days doing traditonal weight training exercises.) I recently began doing a combination medicine ball, plyometric, flexibility and core exercise program that has worked for me. However something was missing. I think what has been missing the last couple of months was a program to push me to be the best possibly fit that I could become. Crossfit seems to be it.

I also like the fact that worldwide there seems to be a positive, caring community here. I don't see that much elsewhere where posters seem to turn mean and nasty when someone posts a comment they do not agree with. On a personal note I think this might be the thing to keep myself healthy and focused as I begin going through the process of seperation and divorce after what I thought was a happy and fulfilling 12 year marriage.

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