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Re: Osteocondritis Dissecans Pain

Originally Posted by Sean Rockett View Post
so do they see any irregularity on the MRI at the previous site. It sounds like the previous site may be the issue. When it locked was there a loose piece of bone or pin floating in there?

Thankfully I am finally painfree! The cause of the locking was due to the pin coming loose and jamming the join up, and was immediately solved by the surgery in March of 2016. But I was left with the severe grabbing pain on the lateral side. After a further 5 months of complete rest (what it took for complete swelling to dissipate) I was finally able to start getting back into training in January of this year (2017), almost 8 months after the surgery!

To answer your question about the scans I had post surgery.. it's a little complicated but I didn't actually see the MRI report for almost 6 months after the scans (for various reasons) but here goes... "There is a 20mm x 10mm area of overlaying cartilage (on the medial femoral condyle where the pins were) that demonstrates grade 2 thining and several grade 3 fissures." Also, "a 5mm x 3mm area of grade 3 fissuring over the anterior aspect of the lateral femoral condyle."

There was also thickenjng and scaring of my ALC, and signals on my medial and lateral meniscus' at different points. So, at only 19 years old, my knee is pretty much stuffed!

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