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Re: For the nutrition gurus and supliment people

Mr. Wells,

i would just like to encourage you to be realistic about your goals and expectations. you mentioned in another thread that you are in your mid to late 40's. If this is the case, your not going to be able to do the same things a 20 yr old does and expect the same results. your HGH and testosterone levels are not as high as they once were. your metabolism and recovery time are also not going to be as fast. this is not meant to discourage you, but just to point out that if you truly want to acheive certain goals it is going to take more time, dedication, and sacrifice. in order for you to become "cut", you may have to have a nearly perfect diet all the time, getting rid of the regular beer, eating out, bread, etc. only you can decide if the payoff is worth the tradeoff, and if gaining the one will increase your quality of life more than losing the other. take a look at the competitors in the masters division of the CF games. they are awesome athletes, in great shape, and look really fit. but they are not exactly as cut or buff as the athletes that are in their 20's and low 30's. same goes for bodybuilders, powerlifters, and other athletes.

set realistic goals and work towards those. but be able to celebrate the daily victories and small steps of progress, and when it comes to changes or results be patient and persistent. congrats on the improvements you have already made.
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