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Re: For the nutrition gurus and supliment people

Originally Posted by Darika Siegel View Post
I see lots of carbs and sugar, (ezekiel, beer, larabars, honey). I would substitute it with sweet potatoes and lots more veggies. I'm not sure what you are eating for clean lunches and dinners, but try for lean meats and veggies at every meal. I am not paleo so I also do brown rice. I would say you need more protein and more food overall. I do a large salad at least once a day with some lean meat.

And try logging in your daily food in something like fitday. So you can keep track of your macronutrients.

You know Darika, I thought the same thing when I read what I wrote yesterday. All of the stuff I have added back into my diet is carbs and sugar. Usually for lunches I eat a huge salad with chicken. I also add in some walnuts and cranberries. It is not unusual for me to eat 3/4 to a whole bag of 5 lettuce salad with carrots, spinach, radishes, and onions. If I eat out at lunch, I always eat chicken for the most part(sometimes beef) and vegetables(a salad, or broccoli, carrots, cauliflower). Dinner is very much the same. Last night we had Red Snapper on the grill, with some squash, and zucchini that was also cooked on the grill. I usually save the sweet potatoes for just after workout, or every once in a while for lunch with a lean meat, or my favorite, Mels Chili. I have sworn off white potatoes, and I do not eat a lot of rice. I have a feeling that I am going to have to swear off of the ezekiel bread because my joints have started hurting again after not having hurt for the last month and a half.

I think some of my problem may be the fact that I do not eat until I am miserable. I eat until I am satisfied, and then stop. I have gone back to eating 3 meals a day because I am not hungry like I was during the 30 day challenge.

Today before workout I had two slices of ezekiel toast, with sun butter and honey, and a cup of coffee. When I got in from working out, I had a decent sized salad about 11:00 am(Not as big as I normally eat) with chicken. I am just now starting to get hungry, and it is 5:40 pm.

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