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Re: For the nutrition gurus and supliment people

Originally Posted by Russell D Wells View Post

I keep reading here that you guys use Whey Protein, Fish oil, vitamins, as well as Creatine, Glutamine and other things to build muscle, and improve recovery. I have always wanted to stay lean, and I fear that if I start adding some of the things that you guys call out, that I am going to balloon.

How do I need to go about adding these supplements correctly.
Having tried for a long time to get big and strong, and finally achieving some success, I can first of all promise you that ballooning is extremely hard. Do you have any idea how much 4000 calories is? And people sometimes need 6k to make good progress.

I recommend less supplementation and more eating to get big. You can try a supp if you like, but be honest with yourself when evaluating if it actually did anything for you. With me, I have to say, creatine, glutamine, BCAAs, blah blah blah GNC crap yada yada... and half of the vitamins and minerals out there- do nothing.

Food is what matters outside of your workouts.
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