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David Aguasca
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welcome! glad to see you here.

There's a whole arsenal of exercises we use here, but a lot get used more than others. push-ups, pull-ups, squats, kettlebell swings, rowing, and sprinting are just a few. you may or may not know some of the more exotic ones, so check out the "exercises" page for demos on all those.

i'd read through the FAQ, as well. many of the questions you have will be answered there. start practicing some of the new movements you've been introduced to, like kipping pull-ups for example, which allow us to complete workouts that may have 100 pull-ups in them.

Crossfit definitely does address both core body strength and exercise that comes to mind is the overhead squat, which requires a great deal of lower body and shoulder flexibility, and is one of the KINGS of core exercises.

be sure to take it easy the first few weeks. use this time to really practice movements, get good at them. search for Eugene Allen's account of a friend of his who was struck by rhabdomyolysis on his first crossfit workout.

anyway, i'm sure somebody else will post with whatever i missed.

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