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Re: Female and 50

Hey Marie, when it comes to getting started again with kids and a busy professional life it can seem almost impossible. My suggestion is take it slow and create a routine that is easy to DO and hard to make excuses not to do. If you make time to walk on your treadmill or hop on your ellipitical for just 5min then 10 and so on. I also use extra time researching nutrition, different routines,how to use a TRX system to saturate my thoughts with healthy interests. Building self-efficacy is very important and doing it bit by bit has the lowest failure rate, do not create goals that seem huge and overwhelming, this could derail you quick. I think your first goal should just be regularity and consistency, so 5min a day, no excuses. Good luck! Heck you could do 5min after you read this post, no time like the present

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