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Hey everyone. I decided to start a log so people around here more experienced than me can chime in on my workouts and give me advice if they'd like.

I'm sort of following crossfit but not really. I'm focusing a little more on strength, but I'm trying to do it mostly through static work and more gymnasticish type stuff. I do throw in a crossfit type workout at the end of my workouts 2 out of 3 days. Most of them are taken from this site, some from Ross Enamait.

Goals: To be able to do a planche, front lever, free standing handstand pushup, iron cross (don't have the rings to train this yet, but they're on the way) and a sub 5 minute Fran.

Anyways, to the log:

Tuck Planche (36,24seconds)
L-Sit (26,25,19seconds)
Tuck Planche Pushup 3X10
Extended Arm Plank 3X30seconds
Plyometric Pushups on ball 3X10
V - Ups 3X15
1 Hand Pushup 1X5 (each hand)
5 Rounds:
5, 1 arm DB snatches per arm (50#)
5, 1 arm DB swing per arm (50#)
10 burpees
Time: 10:40

Deadlift: 5 sets of 300# for 3.

Handstand Pushup: 12, 15, 15
Tuck Front Lever: 29seconds,Clock didn't start the seconds time (roughly 25 seconds)
3 rounds for time:
400m run
65# hang snatch, 12 reps
21 pull ups
Time: 15:19


Tuck planceh: (34, 27seconds)
Tuck Sit (like an L-sit, but knees to chest): 17, 19, 20 (was shooting for 20 each time -_-)
Weighted pushup 3X15 (25#)
Russian twist 3X20 (25#)
1 arm pushpu on ball: 1X5 each arm
30 reps for time:
135# Clean and Jerk
Time: 6:59

Sorry for the length of my first post. If you guys have any advice or anything you see wrong with what i'm doing i gladly welcome all input. Thanks.
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