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Re: Push Ups

Originally Posted by Jason Senn View Post
I feel my biggest weakness in Crossfit is pushups. Example i did Cindy and got 17 rounds. Pull ups were not a problem nor were the squats. I got through about 4 rounds of push ups unbroken and then I had to break them up some. By the end it was 4-2-1-1-1-1 or something similar. Obviously one way to get better is to just do push ups. However I was wanting to do something else besides that to keep a little variety in my life. I was thinking of adapting the Smolov squat cycle to bench press (my bench is my worse lift) but doing it close grip which would be similar to push ups in my mind. Any thoughts on that or any other ideas?
Pushups are surprisingly different from BP. I would just do pushups. There are numerous varieties and they respond really well to volume.

If you insist on benching and more pushups is your goal with it, Smolov is a mass/strength program and what you are looking for is pushup endurance. I would do about 60% of bodyweight for several sets of high reps, and plank afterward.

Really, just do pushups.
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