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Re: Intermittent Fasting (IF) Where to start?

Originally Posted by Nick Sisson View Post
could you expand on what your eating sand training chedule looked like and what you would eat.
Eating is simple. No breakfast. I fast from 9-10 pm til 2-3 pm (Im Spanish, we have late lunch and dinner).

I usually do 2-3 meals per day. It depends wether I feel hungry or not.
I have tried several macro proportions but in the end, and specially now that I want to keep in a weight, I just eat what I feel like.

Training is:
- 3 days of kind of crossfit (mostly bodyweight plus some olimpyc lifts or kettlebells).
- 3 days of running
All these days I do about 30of yoga and balance work after training.

In the evenings Itrain 5 days: 3 hours of wado ryu karate + 2 hours of boxing per week.
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