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Re: New affiliate predicament, advice on how to proceed please?

The size of the space shouldn't necessitate the rates you charge....should be quality of your coaching. If you're letting the size of the space drive the bus here with your business decision, you're doing it wrong.

What's wrong as Katherine said with starting out small? Of your options, I think #1 is probably best. Low cost (free rent), you can get started right away. If the other negatives of the place outweigh the positives....find a new small garage/storage facility/sublease opportunity. With the current economy it is a buyers market when it comes to space. And people might be more willing to get creative (sublease, shared space) these days.

You're in a city that's generally pretty active. Just make sure you market to people who can actually pay for training...not sure the boxing club will provide many leads. Nor will maybe some younger kids who are taking MMA classes and already paying for those.
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