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Re: Beginner Program and Park Program

Originally Posted by Ivan Ruiz View Post
Good stuff, man.

Question: What's the difference between your "Group Workouts" and the "Beginner's Plan"?

By the way, you have 2 messed up links on your page. If you click on Information and Programming, you are taken to the folder structure instead of to a web page. I would deactivate those links if I were you.
Fixed the links...thanks.

Who new CrossFit would teach me HTML...

My Beginner's Program is a structured set of 12 days, in order, where new skills and WODs are built on what is learned the previous days.

My Group Workouts are for someone who has a basic understanding of all the CrossFit movements, and can safely complete the WOD. Those workouts are generated by my programming methdology and sometimes borrowed from

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