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Re: Beginner Program and Park Program

Originally Posted by Ivan Ruiz View Post
That's very cool, Andrew.

Question... Do you carry around your weights/plates? Where do you do you WODs if you don't have a gym?

I keep my weights, KBs, plates, etc. in my garage. I load up my pick-up truck with whatever the workout of the day requires and haul it up to my local park.

I spent a lot of time on my page today thinking about how I can better position my services and reduce my frustration/pain-in-the-butt factor.

I have tried a few times to start a beginner's program for someone (for free as a introductory promo) and then they got sick, or had a friend in town, had to work, etc. and I got really frustrated because I loaded up my stuff, lugged it out to the park and they didnt show.

(keep in mind my operation is really small, i usually have 2-5 people working out with me at a time.)

so my new model is this...

my "park program" is free. its all bodyweight stuff, that way 90% of the exercises require little to zero instruction and little emotional investment of my time. it gives someone new to CrossFit and/or new to my affiliate a taste of "high intensity". if they want more, and want to start throwing weights around they can pay for it.

bottom line: im not trying to make a living, i want people to fundamentally understand what high intensity training is. i'm putting a call out for fire-breathers to join my workouts.

the fees i charge are to buy new and maintain my current equipment.

i will take one freebie who is willing to go to that dark scary place to do 100 Burpees for time over 10 people paying me $40/hr for personal training.

sorry for getting on my soap box...

who else has comments/questions?
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