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Re: combat challenge firefighters

I've been running the Combat Challenge for three years now. I started off with a 2:23 in Elkton, MD back in 1995 and my PR stands at 2:07 which was in Elkton, MD last year. There are a number of Combat Challenge competitors who follow CrossFit. Brandon Cunningham and David Bowman are just two of the world-class competitors that come to mind. There are a number of others as well who have seen great improvements in their PR by following CF.

Good luck in knocking your PR down. The Challenge is an incredibly difficult, yet incredibly addicting sport. Keep plugging away at CF and variants of the WOD and I guarantee you that your PR will drop. CF and the Challenge are very similar in the sense that you have to push your body through the pain and go "above and beyond". The show is only starting when the lactic acid is settling in.

A lot of training talk and Challenge-related posting occurs at this site: Feel free to join up and you'll gather a wide spectrum of information from the top competitors.
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