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Ray Anderson
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Sorinex BaseFit Rack System

Anyone interested in an all-in-one rack needs to check out the SORINEX BASEFIT RACK SYSTEM. The Basefit Rack was designed specifically with CROSSFIT in mind. The great thing about this rack is its unique design. It is infinitely expandable in any direction. It's an integrated sytem of Pull-Ups, Monkey Bars, Dip Stations, Squat Racks, Presses, Olympic Lifts, Sit-Ups, etc.
You can do so many diferent things on it. It is self supported. Does not attach to the wall. It's great space saver with a small foot print. Like I mentioned, it is expandable in any direction on the floor. It works around corners, around posts & up to any number of racks that you have the space for.
Bert Sorin will be at the CROSSFIT GAMES with this rack. Anyone attending the GAMES can see for themselves firsthand. You can try it out for yourselves.
Check out the video of the BASEFIT RACK SYSTEM on Sorinex's website:

What you see on the video is on a small sample of what you can do on it & the expandability.

Ray Anderson
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