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Marc Ohmann
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Marc's Born Again Hard Log

I've been watching the site for some time and it seems to match what I am looking and seems to be the next logical step in my workout.

I am a 31 year old male. I started working out about 6 months before my 30th b-day. I wanted to be in the best shape of my life when I was 30 and I made that happen. I ran my fastest mile last summer @ 5:52 and I benched, squatted, pressed, dl'd more than I ever had in my life. Of course most of those lifts I had never done before either.

Since June of 2007 I have run through Starting Strength twice each time lasting 2 months. I have seen great gains but SS neglects the athletic portion of my training.

I am currently ~190lbs and just under 20% bf. I've gained about 30lbs in the last 10 months about 1/2 of which was lean. My goal now is to get down to 176 lbs and 10 or 12% bf by June. My primary reason for wanting to lose the weight is to help in my body weight exercises and overall gpp. I have fallen off considerably in pullups since last summer and I want to get some of that back.

Wish me luck. Diving in to cf head first.
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