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Issue 46 of the CrossFit Journal just came out on June 1. It occurred to me—especially when I read several recent threads on topics that this issue addresses directly—that those of you who aren’t subscribers don’t necessarily hear what’s in each issue. So I’m going to make a regular thing of posting a listing of the contents here, on or around the first of each month.

There’s some excellent stuff in this one (the biggest issue so far!):

• “Strategic Shopping: Outfitting a CrossFit Gym on the Cheap”: Practical tips and tricks for circumventing full retail for CF equipment, by Eddie Lugo, of recently opened CrossFit San Diego.

• “Fit to Eat: Summer Picnic Menu”: The second menu of fresh and tasty Zone recipes by accomplished chef (and CrossFitter) Benjamin Sims. With lovely photos to boot.

• “The Slow Lifts, Part 4: The Bench Press”: The latest in the slow lifts series by the incomparably funny and informative Mark Rippetoe. Yes, bench press. In the CrossFit Journal.

• “Parkour Basics, Part 2: Monkey, Dash, and Reverse Vaults”: Another installment in the series in which traceur extraordinaire Jesse Woody carefully walks us through the ways to functionally hurl ourselves over objects.

• “The Freestanding Handstand Push-Up”: Progressions to help you achieve this elusive and impressive move (and excellent party trick), by CFing gymnastics coach Roger Harrell.

• “Large-Group CrossFit Training,” by Wade Rutland: What just may turn out to be The Definitive Guide for implementing CrossFit training in group settings, from military PT and LEO training, to high-school PE, to group exercise for seniors. A detailed guide from someone who’s been there and done the legwork to make CF his military’s PT program.

• “Perpetual Education and the Direction of CrossFit Seminars”: In which Tony Budding of CF headquarters talks about the continual learning and growth required of a CrossFit trainers (and CrossFitters in general) and explains the new kinds of seminars CF is offering: trainer certifications, fitness seminars, discipline-specific certifications, and the new pipeline of traveling one-day seminars.

Check it out. And use the message board to post your comments on it, ask questions, or whatever.

BTW, the FAQ has a list of the topics in each journal issue. And the back issues page in the CrossFit store also says what’s in each one. It’s not in a convenient list format, but you do get a screenshot of the front-page pic of each issue…

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