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Derek Maffett
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You may want to be careful about that sign. To those who are already of Crossfit mentality, the sign won't matter too much. To those who are not (which are the ones you really want to attract, since the Crossfit types would come train, sign or no), it may actually seem insulting and a put off. The "Fitness is Not" column is a little abrasive, and if someone fits that description, he might be offended. I know you are not really trying to be mean, but no one likes an abrasive comment about their fitness level.

Of course, he would have to come to the realization that he is not fit eventually, but you might do better saying "this is a better way" rather than "your way stinks," which is what your sign might come off as. "Earned, not easy" does sound pretty good, though, and shouldn't offend anyone.

So, I would make a sign which makes people realize the inadequacy of their training and where the better training is, but avoids insulting them.

Hope everything goes well.
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