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Hey everyone,

I’m waiting to hear back on the status of my Affiliation Application but was hoping to try and get a little local exposure in the meanwhile. My local green market said they would love to have me come and hand out information about this, “grass roots fitness movement” called Crossfit. That being said I’d like to put together some worth while material to hand out. I’m hesitant to overtly use CF’s IP as clearly I’m not yet an affiliate and won’t be CF certified until November. (I will however refer people directly to and the “What is Fitness?” .pdf )

One idea was to write on a Poster Board:
Fitness Is:
Strength based
Varied Functional movements
Success Driven
Education and execution
Fun and Rewarding

Fitness is Not:
Machine based exercises
Perpetual bouts of “cardio”
Profit Driven
Neon Spandex
A time to catch up on Reading

(the examples try to parallel each other when viewed as two columns)

Any suggestions about FI/FIN or other material would be greatly appreciated.

(As a side note, I live in Brooklyn, NY and plan on starting my affiliation in a local park equipped with a modest “fitness area”. It’s beautiful.)
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