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Hi Kendall. I am coming into this conversation late so I hope you are felling a little better by now. About a month ago I was doing the same thing as you, in so far as pushing myself to a level that I should have not done yet. Ergo: My ego got in the way. Anyway, I was benching 325lbs and I was doing fine for the first two reps. Then I felt what I thought were my muscles being pulled away from my left shoulder. I immediately put the weights on the lower rung of the bench bar support and got up. It was more of a soft crunching sensation than a sharp excruciating one. I was able to do some other routines during my session at the gym. However when I got home I definitely felt the pain start to build up. Basically, my shoulder became stiff and sore for about two weeks afterwards. Sleeping was hard due to the constant nagging pain. I kept going through a self created therapy process by moving my shoulder around to test the range of motion every hour or so to see where the performance level was. This also helped to keep it as loose as possible. i could not even lift my arm up to my ear because of the pain and stiffness at first. Eventually, I was able to star doing some very low weight shoulder exercises and small range of pushups to further test it. The bottom line is, resting it is the key. The arm will come back but give it time. I now have a full range of motion again without any pain. Start doing some very light weight/no weight exercises to keep testing it and to get it back into motion. Drink plenty of fluids and watch you intake of protein, calcium and fiber and you should get back to top shape in no time. Continue to use the ice and heat as suggested also. Obviously if the problem still persists, consult a physician.
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