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Kendall Frederick
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Huge vacuum here, but I'm still having problems, so I thought I'd post again.

My shoulder improved over the weekend and earlier this week, to the point where I was ready to return to swim practice tonight. Then yesterday it made an about-face and feels much worse, to the point of near immobility. I haven't done any upper body work or anything else I can think of to aggravate it. The pain is intense if I try to move the right arm upwards, especially with my arm out to the side.

Almost ridiculous to add, but I apparently also severely strained my oblique ab muscle on the right side at some point last week. Went to do a partial WOD from yesterday (the situps and squats portion) and had sudden screaming pain on the first attempt at a situp.

I am wondering what in heck is behind this spate of strained/torn muscles..I don't want to repeat this.
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