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Kendall Frederick
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I'm enjoying the Crossfit workouts, but I seem to have managed to pull/separate something in my right shoulder during the cleans from 2-3 days ago. I couldn't lift my right arm above my head for a day or so, and it's still very sore when I raise my arm.

I've never done Olympic lifts before, and I think I was lulled into a false sense of "bad-assedness" by the fact that I was strong enough to handle the appears my joints disagree. :happy:

It feels like a pure muscle injury, and I hope to be back in business soon. I am fairly certain I hurt it when lowering the cleans as I was dropping the weight and probably hyperextending the shoulder toward the end of the rounds.

My plan of action: leave weights alone for a week or so until the pain's gone and I have range of motion back. When the WOD features olympic lifts, go light (bar only or similar) for a few weeks until I'm certain my joints are used to the speed as well as the weight.

Anybody have any remedial work or injury prevention tips for me? I have searched and read some shoulder injury threads on here and plan on trying the wall hook massage; I have also been trying to stretch my shoulders before every workout.

This is sort of frustrating for me right now as I'm also a triathlete; the shoulder is making me miss my master's swim workouts. To top it off, I'm dealing with a pulled calf muscle and trying to begin running again. Last night's run brought back the calf pain so I am feeling like an old gimp!
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