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Re: How to hang rings in this space

Well, you could install something like this on the wall: (wfs)

Only ~32" away from the wall, not sure if you'll have enough room to do aggressive kipping but enough room for more strict movements.

Also, you could run pipe between the trusses at the top at the points where the downward metal intersects with the bottom beam (the upside down triangle tip). This will help to spread the load over multiple trusses. You would need to secure the pipe from moving side to side - some type of clamp could work or strap/webbing to tie it down. I would use big fat pipe just to play it safe depending on the span. Like 2" diameter schedule 80. Should be plenty strong.

I can't tell from the photo but is there space between the very top of the truss and the ceiling? Ideally you loop over that but that may not be possible.
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