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Re: Bec's WOD Log

Haven't been logging, and have been out for a few weeks as well, almost all of March off.

APR 1 -
6 burpee over bar
3 power cleans (73)
1 push jerk (73)

Pretty sure this was 6 rounds.

APR 2-
80% of 1rm of each
Push press
Front squat
(5x5 EMOM alternating movements)

Stuck with 83lb for both through all sets.

APR 4 -
2 Back Squats
EMOM for 10 minutes@ 90% of your 1rm.

113lb all sets

1)50 Box jump (step ups)
2)50 Jumping pull-ups
3)50 Kettlebell swings (35lb)
4)50 Walking Lunge
5)50 Knees to elbows (tuck ups o the bar)
6)50 Push press (33lb)
7)50 Good Mornings
8)50 Wall balls (13)
9)50 Burpees
10)50 Double unders
Time: 37:31

APR 11 -
EMOM for 9 minutes
Start with 7 pull ups then
alternate movements every minute for 3 rounds of:
Max Air squats
Max Dumb bell Push Press (25lb)
Max Lateral jumps (14in)

Total: 112 reps

APR 15 -
AMRAP in 20
400 meter run
50 double unders

total: 5 rounds + 75m
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