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Re: Tips on Dumping Weight

Originally Posted by Rebecca Roth View Post
It can be a bit crazy, but the proper way to fail on a backsquat is to throw your hips forward hard, while pushing back with your shoulders (there was a great video (I believe of max aita, showing his failed squat attempts over a long period then finally hitting a PR, it was basically a compilation of how to textbook fail a heavy BS, can't seem to find the vid tho). You should end up in a kneeling upright position, with the bar at least at your ankles or completely behind you.

If it's from overhead, it's pretty easy (or should be) to control the fall of the bar enough to keep it from dropping on your head, it is mainly only this cases where you are at muscle failure and trying to force questionable reps where this becomes an issue.
That's pretty much exactly what I was attempting to say on the squat... you just said it a lot better than me
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