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There's good news and bad news.

Bad: Even though I've finally gained the shoulder flexibility to do the OHS, whenever I try 95+ pounds for more than 3 reps at a time my right thumb goes numb, scaring me away from working on OHS more. I figure something must be up with my grip, can anyone relate and/or give advice?

Good: I recently pulled 415 for my 1 rep DL, exceeding my three month goal of 400 and improving PR by 25. I did this yesterday, that workout being the first time I DLed after taking a week long break from lifting. Also, while DLing in the past I built slowly up (something like: warm up, 1x315, 1x335, 1x355, 1x375, attempt at high 3s/4) this time I just went from WU to 315, to 355, then busted out a 405 followed by 415. Which helped me more, the week of rest or the cut-to-the-chase strategy?
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