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How to calculate the right amount of meal blocks you need in a day?

To clean bulk.

I've read this article here: and it gives a simple way to calculate how many meal blocks according to if you are a "hard gainer" or "easy gainer"... Is there a better way to calculate it? Maybe according to lean body mass?

I think I once saw you should aim, for protein blocks, to have enough to get 1g of proteins / lean bodyweight.

In my case I would be around 150 lean, so I should be getting 21-22 protein blocks, so 21-22 daily blocks in total. Does it sound right? Or I just imagined things

Also, on a totally different aspect, would this be good for my mom if she isn't active at all but wants to lose weight? She is very overweight and I think if we both do the diet together it will motivate her. She has knee problem so can't do cardio so all her weight loss has to come from the diet. Would this be one of the best diets?

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