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David Wood
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Re: WOD's with broken arm

3 rounds for time:

run 400 m
box jump 30 reps, 24" box
DL your body weight (on the bar) 15 reps

In your case, just do the heaviest "suitcase" (one-sided) DL (DB or BB) you can manage.

(Or, maybe a better alternative to the DL: 15 one-handed swings with a DB or KB, maybe about 35 pounds).

Not sure what a good time would be; I imagine anything under 12:00 would be pretty good. I hit this (with the DL's) in 12:45 once, most other bouts with it have been over 14:00 (but I'm in pretty bad shape). YMMV.

You'll find this hits the legs in three completely different ways.
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