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Joe Birch
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WOD's with broken arm

Hi, I'm new too crossfit and unfortunately broke my forearm (radius and ulna) playing rugby 3 weeks ago.. fairly experienced with most lifts but obviously unable to do many! Won't be able to lift heavy for another 3-4 months or play rugby for another 5-7 months, so just looking to cut down and stay (preferably increase!) fit before i can strength/mass and rugby train properly again!

I can do lower body isolation exercises (highly unpreferable), back squats (either free bar in a squat cage with very low weight or heavy using a smith machine) and also torso exercises (abs + extensions)

As i said very new too crossfit, I did Nancy today with 45 pound back squats (can't do OHS) as this is all I can safely support (15:30 time). Just wanted some idea's for variated WOD's you think I may be able to or current WOD's I could do as already prescribed. Obviously picked up on a few I can do comfortably but looking for some potential variations!

Thanks, Joe
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