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Re: Total Hip replacement

Hi Cory.
I have 2 friends, Jesse Martin who is a Level 1 at CrossFit Anacortes in WA, and Brad Russell, a level 1 who lives in VA, I think. Jesse is in his 30's and had 1 hip replaced 2 years ago. Brad is in his 50's and also had 1 hip replaced.
Both recovered and rehabbed and are back to CrossFitting. If you are on facebook, you can friend me and search them on my friend list. I know they would both respond with any questions you may have.

Based on my personal experience, I can share with you some hope regarding 'life after joint replacement'. I've had 4 joint replacements, knees and shoulders.

Genetically, I have arthritis and couple it with a life of being a very active athlete with many injuries. When I discovered CrossFit in 2005 my knees were already bone on bone and I had my first knee replacement in 2008. Left shoulder in 2010 and right knee and right shoulder in 2012.

Thanks to CrossFit, I was able to enjoy the hope and faith that I would be back to 100% following rehab. Both of my doc's commented I would recover quickly thanks to the condition of my soft tissue.

I can honestly say my CrossFit training and the zone nutrition plan helped to accelerate my recovery. In 2012, when I had my knee in April and shoulder in August, my activity level decreased a lot that year, but I knew to dial back my zone blocks, and I didn't gain any unwanted weight. Also, the excellent nutrition contributed to my wellness and recovery.

Best wishes to you for a swift recovery.
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