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Re: Possible to Heal?

Originally Posted by Jeff Sprunger View Post
This is a tough one. Since you have already tried several things, it is hard to suggest others. It will definitely be a long process to straighten you out. I would work on a few things at a time, baby steps. work on flixibility everyday. work on exercises that will strengthen the small muscules that support the core. Having a strong core will allow you to focus on other areas. this email is turning into more of a "encouragement", by no means do I think I know how to handle your situation. keep us posted. maybe keep a diary of things you try, how it effects you and the results. good luck.
Thanks for the encouragement. Time is on my side being in my 20's...patience, not always!!

In all of my time with PT, I have not focused on my core at all. Any exercises you would recommend for the small muscles that support the core? I'm not sure what muscles those would be! I'm excited to have another approach to try.
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