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Possible to Heal?

Bit of Background Info:

Age 15: Right ACL reconstruction with hamstring graft, two meniscus tears
Age 17: Left ACL reconstruction with hamstring graft, partial LCL tear not repaired

I never returned to full athletic ability following these injuries. Rehab was cut short both times due to insurance.

Age 17: During a spin cycling class following my ACL surgery, the instructor told us to breathe through our back. I felt a painless pop in the middle of my back. The next morning my back was in mild/moderate pain which would settle in my right shoulder. I have gone to several doctors/PTs for this and have been told it was a rib, arthritis, fibromyalgia, you get the picture…

4 years later, this lead to severe thoracic/cervical and right shoulder pain, headaches, and extreme fatigue. I was eventually diagnosed with a rare form of arthritis even though my x-rays and blood work were fine. Out of desperation, I took humira/methotrexate for a year which helped for a few days immediately after the humira injection.

After 1 year on humira, I ran across the KICK AS diet, very similar to paleo. I have followed the diet very strictly for the last two years, and it completely controls the inflammation. Paleo has given me my life back, but I want more…

My gait has never been normal after my surgeries. I think the culprit is my right leg, the lower leg swings outward. I constantly am tripping over things (tables, chairs, etc.) when I walk to close to them because of it. Before surgery, I was very athletic and had excellent quickness/speed, set records in sprints, played tennis, basketball, etc.

Whenever I run for a few minutes (I tried the couch to 5k program) or walk for more than 20 minutes, my knees become very painful/swollen. On top of this, my posture has become terrible. I try to keep my shoulders/back in correct posture according to PT (shoulders relaxed downwards, head pulled up in back with an imaginary string) and my back muscles spasm, making my right shoulder hurt more. I have gone to so many doctors/PT for this, I am tired of wasting money without getting any real solutions. I would love to be able to shoot hoops with friends, run, cycle, or at least walk for as long as I want. I also have a C2 rowing machine at home and have worked up an endurance of 10 minutes on it (sad, I know!) without having too much back pain afterword.

Thanks to paleo, I am at a very healthy weight in spite of all of this. I definitely am a skinny “fat” though and want to get in shape and live life more fully.

I am thinking if I could fix my gait, improve my posture, and strengthen, I could get over this. I’m just not sure what to work on first or how to approach it.

Any suggestions?
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