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Recommendations for Colorado Springs

Hi guys!

I'm an old CFer and I have my Cert 1; I'm starting a basement box in Zürich, Switzerland. I'll be visiting my mom in CO Springs for a few weeks, and I'm looking for a box to visit. About 10 sessions.

Things on my wish list:

- I'm working on a Wendler 531 program right now, and I'd like to keep to it. I see that a place called Pandora's Box has a 531 program going, so that might fit pretty nice ...

- I'd also like to work on my (pathetic) OLY lifts, and I see that CF Redrocks has massive expertise in that area - might be cool! But would I be able to do my Wendler 531 stuff there?

- I'll have my two teenagers (13 & 15) along. They have a lot of exposure to CF but never had a complete they'd be interested in doing something kid friendly.

Any good recommendations??

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