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Day 1: January 11th.

Warm-up: 3 sets of everything.
Samson stretch timed at 30 seconds.

Overhead squats with a 15 pound bar x 15.

Full-sit ups hands behind head x 20.

Push-ups x 20.

Wide-grip pull-ups. First set 4 without assistance. Second set on gravitron with 40 pounds assistance x 8. Third set with 50 pounds assistance x 7.

Dips. First set x 10. Second x 8. Third x 8.

Total time to completion: 22 minutes. Feeling beat.

I decided to try doing some front side squats with 45 pound dumbbell pullovers between sets.

First set of squats was clean x 10 with 135 pounds. Needed to catch a breather so I passed on the pullovers. Second set was clean with 135 x 10 again but after a 2.5 minute breather. I felt extremely dizzy at this point and had to sit down for 7-8 minutes before retiring.

Total time of workout was approx 35 minutes with almost no rest time. I ate too much about 1.5 hours before working out and had to hold it in while showering. From now on I will make concerted effort to space out my meals four times daily.
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