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Re: Correcting an Air Squat

Originally Posted by Rene Forestier View Post
Since several CrossFit workouts incl high reps, he should know how to do them correctly...and to say that people have been doing "it since the dawn of time" and then denying their carryover/repercussions to pretty much anything else we do seems inconsistent to me.

...but you don't do CrossFit, so it doesn't really matter does it.
And, if you will read my first post, I gave him feedback on how to improve his air squat, since it is a goal of his. However, I refuse to believe that spending 4-5 sessions per week doing 80 air squats at a time will be at all beneficial to him. And, I don't think anyone else who has responded in this thread does either.

When I said that people have been squatting since the dawn of time, I meant that there is no magic to it. Humans are supposed to squat. People squat down to pick up a pen without thinking about it. People squat to sit on the toilet without thinking about it.

My opinion doesn't matter to you. But, it matters to other people. And according to your theory, I should stop listening to all of the CrossFit affiliate owners/coaches whose opinions I value BECAUSE THEY DON'T CROSSFIT EITHER. Lots of people in the CrossFit community take some time off to pursue a specific sport. Some of them come back to CrossFit, some of them don't. It's not a crime.
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