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Life Changing Stuff

Hey all,

I have enjoyed reading the success stories all over this forum - so I decided to put my own up. I will try to be as succinct as possible....

About 8 months ago I quit smoking, that was big step #1 for me. I replaced my nic addiction with diet soda (not being fooled into thinking it was 'good' for me), but I decided that it would be easier to lose 20 #'s than lung cancer. Anyway, my naturopath recomended CF to me. I really "enjoyed" my first session (I actually broke out into hive aftre it!). But I kept with it...because a well done WOD made me feel pretty damn good!

As many of you know - CF memberships are pretty expensive, so I am doing CF 'guerilla style' at my gym. People are pretty cool with it so far - and there is no one at my gym who comes close to the intensity I bring! I will get into a CF gym soon, but this site helps immensely!

Now here I am, I am off the soda, I have lost almost 20#'s and am loving Crossfit! My first workout was a scaled Cindy (15mins - jumping pull-ups). I did I am doing 7 as Rxd. My first real CF goal will be to get my Cindy into double digits. I am noticing also that my intensity in other areas of life is starting to match my CF workouts to!

Looking forward to reading more inspirational stories!
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