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Re: Realistic Strength Goals Without Gaining Weight

Originally Posted by Drew Cloutier View Post
i'm curious as to the rationale behind squatting 3 times a week, but only dead twice and only press/bench once...squatting and deadlifting are almost identical movements, and include very similar prime movers, if you go by what Westside says. So you are hitting the posterior chain 5 times a week, and only working your pushing/pressing/benching once...setting yourself up for a rude awakening.
In SS the squat is used on all days ((3) times a week) as it does a very effective job of warming up the major muscle groups used in the pulling lifts(SS, p289). The press exercises (Press or Bench-press respectively) are done after the squats in IOT allow the back and legs time to rest before said pulling lifts. Every other week the rotation will go from "A B A" to "B A B"

Squat 3x5
Bench-press 3x5
DL 1x5

Squat 3x5
Press 3x5
Hang Power Clean 3x5
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