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Re: Realistic Strength Goals Without Gaining Weight

Keep it up and you will see progress, but it might be instructive for you to define where you are most interested in making progress. Most would say that charting and looking for objective progress in the basic strength moves should precede the expectation of linear progress when it comes to c&j and snatch.

I'm 178cm and have varied between 70 and 77kg over the past 15 months (lowest in the midst of road cycling season last summer, highest this past spring after lots of heavy work/calories/protein and very little aerobic work.) I'm coming at things from the opposite end of the spectrum - have always been skinny and better at aerobic/body weight stuff than raw strength. Even so, at age 45 I'm lifting more than ever before. Squat 115kg, DL 155kg, Power Clean 85kg, all after less than 2 years of intermittent lifting.

With that in mind you can certainly expect continued progress. Try not to get hung up on how much or how fast, just that you are continuing on the right path and especially working on correct technique with the Oly lifting. Getting the timing and flexibility and angles rock solid before adding weight is key. Try not to get impatient or discouraged!

Best of luck.
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