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Re: Realistic Strength Goals Without Gaining Weight

Thanks for replies.

Originally Posted by Glenn Pendlay View Post
based on your listed program, your not training for weightlifting. I think one thing that might help you is to be very clear to yourself about your goals, then find a program to accomplish those goals.
Since I just began to learn the snatch and c&j, I'm not doing them with heavy weights yet. We train the technique for 30-40 mins before the strength sessions. I hope I'll get the technique down soon enough so that we can integrate heavy snatch and c&js into my program.

Until I start to train heavy with snatch and c&js, I though I would concentrate on strength using a well-known strength program. The program is basically Starting Strength with variations on squats (hi-bar, front) and presses (sometimes behind the neck, sitting etc).

Could you recommend me other programs? I'm open to other ideas. I think my trainer would agree as long as I do some kind of squats and upper body movements in every training.

Originally Posted by Drew Cloutier View Post
i'm curious as to the rationale behind squatting 3 times a week, but only dead twice and only press/bench once...squatting and deadlifting are almost identical movements, and include very similar prime movers, if you go by what Westside says. So you are hitting the posterior chain 5 times a week, and only working your pushing/pressing/benching once...setting yourself up for a rude awakening.
But I do the press/bench at least once, not exactly once. Every training, I do a lower body lift, then an upper body lift, then some assistance work. I do deadlifts only once a week. I hit the squats a bit lighter if I do deadlifts on the same day. E.g. my strength program of this week was as follows:

Monday: Squat, Bench Press, Chin-ups, Wrist Curls
Wednesday: Deadlift, Squat (light), Behind-the-neck Press
Friday: Front Squat, Bench Press, Weighted Dips, Wrist Curls
Saturday (at home): Dumbbell Lunges, Dumbbell Shoulder Press

About the wrist curls... I have some wrist pain (joint pain) during the snatch grip. Therefore my trainer said that the wrist curls and lots of wrist stretching could stabilize the wrists. What do you think about this recommendation?
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