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Re: One Day = Two PR's!!!

Originally Posted by David Schneider View Post
Yesterday was a pure strength day. I did 7 single heavy DL reps followed by 5 rounds of max reps of HSPU's, Ring Pullups, and Ring Dips. Rest 3 minutes between each round.

Long story short... About a month ago I couldn't even do ONE full range HSPU and yesterday I hit 15 in a row... I love handstands...

Before that, I pulled a 420# DL, twice... @ a bodyweight of 183#. (I know I could have pulled something bigger than 420#, but that just so happened to be every single weight I have in the garage. So, it looks as if I have some shopping to do! ) Needless to say, I was definitely happy with that. It's a ***** keeping up strength levels and maintaining your lowest weight ever.

Well, aren't you just a stud!
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