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Re: One Day = Two PR's!!!

Originally Posted by David Schneider View Post
Thanks Ricky...

I think I will stick with what I'm doing as long as I continue progressing nicely. I think you're right too, my weight will eventually start to rise once more muscle gets added and the fat is gone.

Sounds like you're kicking *** too man! Good job!

Rugby guys are some tough bastards... Keep up the good work!

Thanks mate, have you got a logg on the go?

Yeh aslong as you are eating enough, and your strength keeps going up you will most probably find the scale starting to creep up to.

Haha, thanks, iv got 2 training session with rugby tommorow, one at the beach (fitness yuk!!), then the afternoon one will be more team based, but still not pleasant. Then im guessing i crash out on my couch with a couple bottles of beer, and a pizza (perfect time for a good cheat meal lol).

It isnt the mountains ahead that wear you out....Its the grain of sand in your shoe.
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