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Re: One Day = Two PR's!!!

Originally Posted by Jake Oleander View Post
15 full range HSPU, thats incredible! good job!
I think you are doing great mate, i cant do that many HSPU, no way. I am also 6'1, about 205-210. Im currently eating like a horse on this program, im always hungry lol. I seem to eat 6 meals +mayb one or 2 whey shakes a day+now im adding 2litres of semi skimmed milk to the equation.
But im not just CFitting. I Cf 3-4 times a week, but i also have rugby training tuesday,thursday, and games starting soon on saturdays. try always have sundays off.

I think keep doing what you are doing, busting *** in the gym, and you will probably find that the weight starts to go up and you'll probabaly be leaner to.

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