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Shoulder popping/cracking/clicking sound


I am a 23 year old male and I started noticing this problem about 6 months ago. When doing exercises that involve the arms in a wide position (wide grip pull ups, wide grip handstand comedowns, etc.) my left shoulder gives a pop sound when transitioning through a certain angle. It does not give me any pain but feels like some tight ligament moved over some bone and snapped into place again.

The clicking sound also happens when I do arm circles and is painless. It is pretty consistent (whenever the arm goes through that angle, the shoulder clicks). Is this a sign of a torn rotator cuff? Should I stop training? How can I stop this clicking/popping/crepitus?

I went to a regular doctor and he did some basic tests and told me that when the rotator cuff is torn, it is painful to lift the arm (which is not the case with me). However, it might be a partial tear, which is what I want to clear up. Can anyone tell me if my symptoms are matching up with a known injury?

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