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Re: 400m time guidelines

Originally Posted by Carl Pawluk View Post
That's just it.

Grant, Jacob, and Stephen,

Your enthusiasm is awesome and your running ability is certainly elite in my eyes, but if you think that someone that can't run a 60 sec. 400 isn't athletic because of that, that's just silly. When I was in high school in the early 90's, I was one of the fastest 100 m runners in the school. After 100, that was about it. I was captain of the swimming team, captain of the tennis team, and a linebacker on the football team. I'm not elite at anything unfortunatly, but I would say that I'm an athlete. There's far more to being "Crossfit" than the track.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm guessing that there are "elite" runners around here that can't swim 100 m in less than 1:20. In high school, a time like that would cause a lifeguard to jump in and rescue you.

Like Kerez said, if you can't bench 350, are you weak? Probably not.

This is an interesting thread, I'll try to start some kind of pole and see what us "untrained" folks are capable of.

god damn. Alright, I'll say it again since STILL no one has taken notice to the fact that I've already made it clear in all of my posts in this thread that the times I posted are for a runner, a track athlete. If you ran the 100m dash, you might not have the endurance to run a good 400, but I'll bet you could still run it in under 60 seconds (at the time that you were a 100m runner)

Originally Posted by Timothy Roehr View Post
Actually, those are good high school times, but not stellar. Neither of those times would have earned a letter on my high school track team. I ran 4:07 in the mile and 9:32 in the two mile and was 5th on my own team.
Now THOSE are good times. You obviously go to a school with a good track team, though. To be 5th on your team with a 4:07 mile in high school, you have to be on one of the best teams in the country (emphasis on one of). That or your school just excelled in long distance. But yeah, for track, a 5 minute mile and an 11 minute 2 mile... those are just bad; that's why I started running the 400 and the 800. There was no hope for me in distance.

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